SEOmatic Changelog.

Link 3.3.4 · 2020.05.18

added - 2020.05.18

  • Added support for Digital Products
  • Added a Meta Cache Duration setting under Plugin Settings → Advanced
  • Added the ability to control anonymous access to the Meta Container & JSON-LD endpoints (with both off by default)

fixed - 2020.05.18

  • Fixed a namespacing issue for UrlHelper on certain versions of PHP
  • Don't call metaBundles->getMetaBundleBySourceId() unless there are no pending plugin migrations
  • Fixed an issue where element caches were not broken on element save for elements with __home__ for the URI

Link 3.3.3 · 2020.05.12

changed - 2020.05.12

  • Wrap the JSON-LD encoding in try/catch to handle malformed characters
  • Added exception logging to MetaValue::parseMetaString() to make debugging the error source easier

fixed - 2020.05.12

  • Fix Content SEO settings display for MySQL with sql_mode=only_full_group_by
  • Fixed an issue where the sitemap index could show duplicate section sitemaps

Link 3.3.2 · 2020.05.09

fixed - 2020.05.09

  • Fixed an issue where the Main Entity of Page could retain stale values in the SEO Settings field
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate entries appearing in the Content SEO listing

Link 3.3.1 · 2020.04.28

fixed - 2020.04.28

  • Fixed an issue with the Content SEO listing not appearing if you are using Postgres
  • Ensure that the Content SEO listing paginates property if you have multiple entry types

Link 3.3.0 · 2020.04.28

added - 2020.04.28

  • Added a new searchable Schema UI selector for finding Main Entity of Page types quickly
  • Added support for importing SEO meta info into SEOmatic via FeedMe
  • Added support for multiple Entry Types, each of which can have its own SEOmatic settings in Content SEO
  • Added a validator for the Duration type
  • Added a “Include Paginated hreflang Tags” setting
  • Added a Submit Sitemap Changes plugin setting
  • Added emoji support for Sections

changed - 2020.04.28

  • The MetaLink error ...did not render because it is missing attributes is no longer render as an error, but rather via the info log level, with WARNING - proceeding it
  • You can now pass in @type or type for the schema type

fixed - 2020.04.28

  • Fixed an issue where the Robots setting could be "sticky" when generating sitemaps with SEO Settings fields involved
  • If a page has a robots tag that marks it as noindex or none, don't include a canonical URL
  • No longer delete caches in response to TemplateCaches::EVENT_AFTER_DELETE_CACHES
  • Fixed an issue where SEO previews could have the wrong URLs for multi-site setups

secu­ri­ty - 2020.04.28

  • Fixed a regression where malformed data passed to the metacontainers controller could result in SSTI which leads to information disclosure

Link 3.2.51 · 2020.04.06

added - 2020.04.06

  • Updated to 7.0.3 including SpecialAnnouncement and other types/changes to handle the COVID-19 crisis
  • Added several optional properties to the Event type: eventStatus, eventAttendanceMode, and previousStartDate
  • Included the extension types as well as core types
  • Added eventAttendanceMode and eventStatus with defaults to the Event JSON-LD

Link 3.2.50 · 2020.04.02

fixed - 2020.04.02

  • Fixed an issue that appears to be a regression in Yii2, which would cause the Opening Hours to be unable to be saved
  • Fixed an issue with the Site URL Override feature that could result in a malformed URL

changed - 2020.04.02

  • Updated to latest npm dependencies via npm audit fix for both the primary app and the docs
  • Have the SEO Preview displayed URL reflect the Site URL Override

Link 3.2.49 · 2020.03.24

added - 2020.03.24

  • Aliases will now auto-suggest in the Site URL Override settings field
  • SEOmatic now will replace any stripped HTML tags with a space, so that the text is more readable

fixed - 2020.03.24

  • The Site URL Override is now parsed for both aliases and environment variables

secu­ri­ty - 2020.03.24

  • Ensure that URLs are urldecoded before attempting to use a RegEx to strip tags from them

Link 3.2.48 · 2020.03.18

added - 2020.03.18

  • Added batching to sitemap generation so that the memory used is fixed, and no longer dependent on how many sitemap entries are being processed
  • Added a Cache-Control header of no-cache, no-store to the 503 w/Retry-After that SEOmatic returns for sitemaps that are still being generated

fixed - 2020.03.18

  • Fixed regex in sanitizeUrl()

Link 3.2.47 · 2020.03.06

fixed - 2020.03.06

  • Fixed an issue where hreflang URLs were incorrect if you had different localized URIs per entry
  • Take keys into account when comparing defaults with values in SEO Settings fields
  • Fixed a regression with the canonical URL when fetched via GraphQL/XHR
  • Fixed an issue in which if Globals were used as source to pull from in a multi-site setup, they'd always preview as the default site value

Link 3.2.46 · 2020.03.03

changed - 2020.03.03

  • Fixed some dates to dateCreated as categories doesn't have postDate

secu­ri­ty - 2020.03.03

  • Fixed an issue where malformed data passed to the metacontainers controller could result in SSTI which leads to information disclosure

Link 3.2.45 · 2020.02.28

added - 2020.02.28

  • Added the ability to query by site handle via GraphQL (in addition to siteId)

changed - 2020.02.28

  • Ensure that the x-default hreflang is set to the primary site, not just the first site

fixed - 2020.02.28

  • Ensure that the GraphQL service has the invalidateCaches() method before attempting to call it (it wasn't added until 3.3.12)

Link 3.2.44 · 2020.02.24

added - 2020.02.24

  • Added the ability to copy any of the SEOmatic settings from one site to another, to make setup easier
  • If robots is set to none in an SEO Settings field, the entry won't appear in the sitemap

fixed - 2020.02.24

  • Fixed an issue where if you changed the Sitemap Limit to something other than None, then switched it back, you'd get an empty but non-null value for the limit, which didn't play nice with element queries from third party elements
  • Preserve numeric 0 values in JSON-LD properties

secu­ri­ty - 2020.02.24

  • Don't include headers for any response code >= 400
  • Remove any Twig tags that somehow are present in the incoming URL

Link 3.2.43 · 2020.02.13

changed - 2020.02.13

  • Make sure that the BreadCrumbsList JSON-LD and link rel="home" tags respect the siteUrlOverride setting

fixed - 2020.02.13

  • Fixed some minor UX spacing issues on Craft CMS 3.4

Link 3.2.42 · 2020.02.06

added - 2020.02.06

  • Added seomatic.helper.isPreview and updated the tracking scripts to utilize it, to handle Craft 3.2 deprecation of
  • Added an account column to the Same As URLs so you can store the social media account (if any) along with the URL
  • Added seomatic.helper.sameAsByHandle(HANDLE) to retrieve information about one of the Same As URLs by handle

fixed - 2020.02.06

  • seomatic:dashboard permission is now required for the displaying of the Dashboard

Link 3.2.41 · 2020.01.29

added - 2020.01.29

  • Added the ability for sitemaps to extract images & video from SuperTable fields
  • Added the ability for text to be pulled from SuperTable fields for SEO Descriptions, etc.

fixed - 2020.01.29

  • Fixed a regression that caused you to no longer be able to put an array of values in the content field of an og:image tag for multiple OpenGraph images
  • Fixed a regression that could cause SEO Settings fields to not propagate images properly

Link 3.2.40 · 2020.01.23

added - 2020.01.23

  • Added rules to MetaJsonLd to allow for mass-setting via .setAttributes() of id, type, and context

changed - 2020.01.23

  • Eliminated harmless JavaScript errors if a keywords element doesn't exist

fixed - 2020.01.23

  • Social Media preview targets are now only added if the element has a uri that is not null

Link 3.2.39 · 2020.01.17

added - 2020.01.17

  • SEOmatic will now send back an array of data in the metaScriptContainer for GraphQL, etc. so that you can get at both the script and bodyScript even if isArray is false
  • When an entry is saved, if the value in an SEO Settings field matches the value in Content SEO for that section, the field is set to an empty value to allow for overriding

fixed - 2020.01.17

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't change the Facebook OpenGraph Type in Content SEO if you had an SEO Settings field added to that section
  • SEO Settings fields no longer defaults to whatever the parent element's Content SEO settings, which fixes the override cascade

Link 3.2.38 · 2020.01.07

changed - 2020.01.07

  • Saving changes to the SEOmatic settings will now also clear the GraphQL caches on Craft 3.3 or later
  • SEOmatic now tracks if sitemap jobs are pushed into the queue, and will release old sitemap queue jobs so that they don't stack up

fixed - 2020.01.07

  • Fixed an issue where the JavaScript console could have an error logged if there were no keywords
  • Make sure twitter:creator and twitter:site are not resolve as aliases

Link 3.2.37 · 2019.12.11

secu­ri­ty - 2019.12.11

  • Throw an exception if an invalid sort field is passed into the actionMetaBundles() controller method, to eliminate a low-impact SQL injection vulnerability

Link 3.2.36 · 2019.12.10

secu­ri­ty - 2019.12.10

  • Fixed a low-impact SQL injection vulnerability

Link 3.2.35 · 2019.11.26

added - 2019.11.26

  • Added a siteUrlOverride config setting for when you need to override the siteUrl, for instance in a headless GraphQL or ElementAPI setup

changed - 2019.11.26

  • If a config/seomatic.php file is present, use that as the source of truth for the 'environment' setting
  • Refactored the plugin settings into separate tabs to make them easier to use

fixed - 2019.11.26

  • Removed thousands separator from Product schema

Link 3.2.34 · 2019.11.19

changed - 2019.11.19

  • Made the robots default to an empty value for SEO Settings fields
  • Updated the URL for sitemap submissions to the Bing search engine
  • URL encode the query part of the sitemap submissions to search engines

Link 3.2.33 · 2019.11.11

added - 2019.11.11

  • Added MAX_TEMPLATE_LENGTH to prevent rendering super large object templates

changed - 2019.11.11

  • Renamed several JSON-LD core types that were using reserved PHP 7 class names
  • No longer match disabled elements unless we’re previewing

Link 3.2.32 · 2019.11.05

changed - 2019.11.05

  • Rolled back a change that could cause the CP and site to slow down on uncached requests

Link 3.2.31 · 2019.11.04

changed - 2019.11.04

  • Fixed the base image transform to be 'position' => null

Link 3.2.30 · 2019.10.31

changed - 2019.10.31

  • SEOmatic will now invalidate container caches if they contain pending image transforms
  • Enforce the og:locale and og:locale:alternaate formats of xx_XX even for two-character language codes
  • Set 'position' => 'null' for the base image transforms

Link 3.2.29 · 2019.10.24

changed - 2019.10.24

  • If an section has its robots set to none or noindex in Content SEO, don't add it to the sitemap index
  • Add a Lowercase Canonical URL setting to Plugin Settings
  • Fixed an issue with the DataType JSON-LD type
  • Cleaned up the GraphQL type generator

Link 3.2.28 · 2019.10.08

changed - 2019.10.08

  • The sitemaps and sitemap indexes that SEOmatic generates are now automatically minified
  • Added native GraphQL support

Link 3.2.27 · 2019.09.30

changed - 2019.09.30

  • Fixed an issue with breadcrumbs beyond the first one

Link 3.2.26 · 2019.09.26

changed - 2019.09.26

  • Fixed an issue where SEOmatic would put multiple sitemap entries for recurring Solspace Calendar events
  • Removed errant logging in the Content SEO controller
  • Fixed an issue where the script tag caches could be outputting something other than a string
  • Updated the Breadcrumbs format to match Google's new format requirements
  • More specifically list what happens in local dev & staging environments

Link 3.2.25 · 2019.09.18

changed - 2019.09.18

  • Fixed an issue where mainEntityOfPage overrides via an SEO Settings field could be the wrong model type

Link 3.2.24 · 2019.09.09

changed - 2019.09.09

  • Fixed a potential XSS issue if you used {% do seomatic.helper.paginate() %} and there was a malformed query string
  • Replaced frontend api route with an actionUrl()

Link 3.2.23 · 2019.09.06

changed - 2019.09.06

  • Fixed a typo in the environment info popup
  • If the SEO image is not on a local volume, avoid a potentially long round-trip by being paranoid, and defaulting to not generating the image transform immediately

Link 3.2.22 · 2019.09.03

changed - 2019.09.03

  • Cleaned up the title parsing to allow for siteName only titles more cleanly
  • If the source asset file is missing, set generateNow to false rather than null, overriding generateTransformsBeforePageLoad
  • Maintain the currently selected site between global nav items in the CP sidebar

Link 3.2.21 · 2019.08.26

changed - 2019.08.26

  • Fixed an issue where SEOmatic would errantly say the environment was disabled
  • Parse the SEOmatic environment variable in the environment check
  • Preflight to ensure that the source asset actually exists to avoid Craft hanging
  • Fix incorrect event type for RegisterSitemapUrlsEvent

Link 3.2.20 · 2019.08.16

changed - 2019.08.16

  • Added a Environment label on the Dashboard, with explanations for why the environment setting is overridden (if it is)

Link 3.2.19 · 2019.08.06

changed - 2019.08.06

  • Strip the query string at render time for the canonical link, to ensure any Craft 3.2 token params are stripped

Link 3.2.18 · 2019.07.31

added - 2019.07.31

  • Added searching, sorting, and pagination to the Content SEO pages

changed - 2019.07.31

  • Typecast the sourceName and sourceTemplate to a string before validation
  • Moved over to a more modern tokenfield library for SEO Keywords

Link 3.2.17 · 2019.07.25

changed - 2019.07.25

  • Typecast the sourceName and sourceTemplate to a string everywhere, to handle numeric section/template names
  • No longer use error and warning log levels for MetaItem debug messages
  • No longer use error log levels for MetaTag debug messages

Link 3.2.16 · 2019.07.18

added - 2019.07.18

  • Added Social Media Preview Target plugin setting
  • Added X-Robots-Tag: noindex header to the sitemaps to prevent the sitemaps themselves from appearing in the SERP

changed - 2019.07.18

  • Fixed an issue with the sitemap generation not respecting an already running queue

Link 3.2.15 · 2019.07.15

changed - 2019.07.15

  • Fixed an issue where assigning a Rich Text field to a JSON-LD property didn't work
  • Added typecast behavior to the MetaBundle model
  • Typecast the MetaBundle sourceName to a string

Link 3.2.14 · 2019.07.12

added - 2019.07.12

  • Added to the cache tag dependencies for the Field's preview data
  • Added sourceType to the InvalidateContainerCachesEvent event
  • Added siteId and sourceType to the source cache tag dependencies

changed - 2019.07.12

  • Prevented public accessing of the Social Media Preview
  • Added a 📣 in front of the Social Media Preview

Link 3.2.13 · 2019.07.11

added - 2019.07.11

  • Added Social Media Preview as a Live Preview target on Craft 3.2 or later

Link 3.2.12 · 2019.07.10

changed - 2019.07.10

  • Do not invalidate meta bundle for drafts and revisions in Craft 3.2 or later

Link 3.2.11 · 2019.07.09

changed - 2019.07.09

  • If an entry has its robots set to none or noindex, don't add it to the sitemap
  • Only append mtime to an SEO image if there are no query params already

Link 3.2.10 · 2019.06.27

added - 2019.06.27

  • The generated JSON-LD now uses a single root JSON-LD object with the JSON-LD types included in the @graph array

changed - 2019.06.27

  • Fixed an issue where headers were sent when the corresponding tags were not present
  • Fixed an issue that caused SEOmatic to throw an error after you deleted a Solspace Calender calendar
  • If we're not in local dev, tell it to generate the transform immediately so that urls like actions/assets/generate-transform don't get cached
  • Add an mtime cache busting URL param to all social media images
  • The Facebook and Twitter Transform and Transform Mode settings are now visible even if "Same As SEO Image" is selected

Link 3.2.9 · 2019.06.13

changed - 2019.06.13

  • Fixed an issue where the built JS bundles would error inside of webpack

Link 3.2.8 · 2019.06.13

changed - 2019.06.13

  • Switched over to startDateLocalized & endDateLocalized for Solspace Calendar defaults
  • Fixed an issue with the Breadcrumbs JSON-LD not being generated properly for sites that has a path as part of their URL (e.g.
  • Handle an edge-case where a migration didn't work properly to add ADS_TXT_HANDLE
  • Fixed an issue where an error would be thrown if a new Section was created, and you had a site group that had no sites in it
  • Fixed an issue where the SEOmatic CSS was affecting the CP CSS
  • Fixed the Look up Latitude/Longitude button; it now opens because Google requires an API key now

Link 3.2.7 · 2019.06.03

changed - 2019.06.03

  • Added the ability to pass in asArray as a parameter for CraftQL queries to a JSON-encoded array of data back
  • Updated build system

Link 3.2.6 · 2019.05.29

changed - 2019.05.29

  • Updated to 3.6 with over 900 JSON-LD Structured Data schemas!

Link 3.2.5 · 2019.05.29

changed - 2019.05.29

  • Added FAQPage schema type from
  • Ensure that URLs with spaces or other non-RFC1738 compliant characters are encoded
  • Replace "steps" by "step" in HowTo JSON-LD
  • Changed copyrightYear to output just the year
  • Fixed an issue with the JavaScript bundle not instantiating for SEO Settings fields
  • Updated to latest npm deps

Link 3.2.4 · 2019.05.24

changed - 2019.05.24

  • Fixed a typecasting issue that caused link rel="alternate" to render for entries that were disabled for a particular site
  • Remove pagination via query string for link rel="alternate"
  • Remove the pointless Twig_Node_Expression_EmptyCoalesce class

Link 3.2.3 · 2019.05.22

changed - 2019.05.22

  • Fixed an issue where the new SEO Settings Field implementation could cause images to be duplicated
  • Fixed an issue where JSON-LD schema could not be properly overridden via an SEO Settings field
  • Fixed an issue where the dynamically populated schema menu would have improper padding in the values

Link 3.2.2 · 2019.05.21

changed - 2019.05.21

  • Fixed an issue where a Section with no elements in it could cause the Sitemaps queue job to stall
  • Fixed Slack & Discord “summary card” CSS

Link 3.2.1 · 2019.05.21

changed - 2019.05.21

  • Fixed an issue where the Site Setup checklist wasn't accurately reflecting the site settings
  • Fixed an issue where trying to create a new section would throw a Type Error, preventing you from doing so

Link 3.2.0 · 2019.05.20

added - 2019.05.20

  • Added SEO Previews for LinkedIn, Pinterest, Slack, and Discord
  • Added the ability to control what SEO Previews appear in the sidebar
  • Added CraftQL support for fetching SEOmatic container meta data
  • Added support for Solspace Calendar events for custom metadata, JSON-LD, etc.
  • SEO Settings fields now default to whatever the parent element's Content SEO settings are when instantiating it
  • The Dashboard setup checklists now display checkboxes for items have have been set up properly
  • Added a SeoElementInterface to abstract out the support for custom elements

changed - 2019.05.20

  • Changed paginated rel="alternate" URLs to always point to the first page in other languages, not the paginated page (that may or may not exist)
  • Fixed an issue in getLocalizedUrls() so that it handles getElementUriForSite() returning both null and false
  • If a meta value with the key of target (used for SearchActions) doesn't have a { as the first character, it is not parsed as Twig
  • Fixed an issue where environment variables in tracking scripts were not parsed

Link 3.1.50 · 2019.04.30

added - 2019.04.30

  • Added the ??? Empty Coalesce operator to allow for the easy cascading of default text/image SEO values

changed - 2019.04.30

  • Fix the addXDefaultHrefLang so it doesn’t throw an error if enabled

Link 3.1.49 · 2019.04.22

changed - 2019.04.22

  • Don't create rel=alternate links for sections that aren't enabled for a site
  • Added a new addXDefaultHrefLang setting (which defaults to true) to control whether the x-default hreflang tag is included
  • Updated Twig namespacing to be compliant with deprecated class aliases in 2.7.x
  • Changed the default Google Tag Manager data layer variable back to the default dataLayer (which it should have been all along)
  • Fixed SoftwareApplication JSON-LD object model

Link 3.1.48 · 2019.04.16

changed - 2019.04.16

  • Added /cache/ to the default paths excluded in robots.txt to auto-exclude the default Blitz /cache/blitz/ path
  • SEOmatic now throws a AddDynamicMetaEvent event to give modules/plugins a chance to add any dynamic meta items to SEOmatic's containers
  • SEOmatic now throws a InvalidateContainerCachesEvent event whenever it clears its meta container caches, so other plugins/modules can listen in for it
  • No longer regenerate sitemaps when a Section is edited and 'regenerateSitemapsAutomatically' => false
  • Update the display name of sections, category groups, and products in Content SEO when they are edited

Link 3.1.47 · 2019.04.02

changed - 2019.04.02

  • Added Environment::determineEnvironment() so SEOmatic is can be smarter about automatically mapping environments
  • Allow the SEOmatic Environment plugin setting to be an Environment Variable in Craft 3.1 or higher
  • Allow for Section handles that are longer than 64 characters
  • Fixed an issue where the mainEntityOfPage could reset to the default WebPage if you saved the settings on panes other than General
  • Fixed an issue with paginated rel="alternate" links on a multi-site setup where the slugs differed from site to site

Link 3.1.46 · 2019.03.15

changed - 2019.03.15

  • Use dash instead of underscore for sitemap urls
  • Don't allow editing of the plugin settings if allowAdminChanges is false
  • Sort Content SEO listings by name to make things easier to find
  • Add missing properties to the Question JSON-LD schema

Link 3.1.45 · 2019.03.04

changed - 2019.03.04

  • Fixed an issue where container.clearCache wasn't using the correct cache key to invalidate the cache
  • Fixed an issue where Google Tag Manager would render in Live Preview
  • Added try/catch around alias/parseEnv to try to catch errors that shouldn't happen

Link 3.1.44 · 2019.02.18

changed - 2019.02.18

  • Fixed an issue with the URL in the sitemap index to the custom sitemap was invalid
  • Fixed an issue when using the meta containers controller with tracking scripts and asArray=true

Link 3.1.43 · 2019.02.15

changed - 2019.02.15

  • Fixed an issue in Content SEO if no field layouts are yet defined
  • Fixed a regression where pagination info is stripped from hreflang
  • Add JSON_HEX_TAG flag for encoding JSON-LD to ensure that < & > are escaped
  • Addressed an issue where you couldn't set the Main Entity of Page to nothing in Content SEO settings

Link 3.1.42 · 2019.02.07

changed - 2019.02.07

  • Fixed an issue where .env vars were not actually parsed for the Tracking settings

Link 3.1.41 · 2019.02.07

changed - 2019.02.07

Link 3.1.40 · 2019.01.30

changed - 2019.01.30

  • Fixed an issue with sitemap generation if your Section had a Neo field in it
  • Fixed an issue if you passed in no parameters to seomatic.helper.getLocalizedUrls() could cause the incorrect localized URLs to be returned
  • Removed errant error logging

Link 3.1.39 · 2019.01.24

added - 2019.01.24

  • Added a SEO Setup checklist to the Dashboard
  • Added support for pulling content from Neo fields

changed - 2019.01.24

  • Fixed an issue where the generated hreflang URLs were wrong if you had localized slugs
  • Sitemaps now return a 503 Service Unavailable an a Retry-After so bots will try back later if for some reason they can't be rendered for the current request (Async Queue generation, etc.)
  • Fixed a namespacing issue with UrlHelper
  • Handle the case where no sections have been set up yet more gracefully

Link 3.1.38 · 2019.01.03

changed - 2019.01.03

  • Register cache options for every type of request
  • Refactored the sitemaps and sitemap indexes to always be in the server root, as per the sitemaps spec

Link 3.1.37 · 2018.12.19

changed - 2018.12.19

  • Ensure that title truncation handles edge cases gracefully
  • Breadcrumbs in the CP now maintain the selected site
  • Parse sitemaps and sitemap URLs for aliases and as Twig templates
  • Don't try to add assets with null URLs to sitemaps

Link 3.1.36 · 2018.12.10

added - 2018.12.10

  • Added the ability to add additional sitemaps that exist out of the CMS into the sitemap.xml via Site Settings -> Sitemap as well as via plugin

changed - 2018.12.10

  • Fixed an issue where LocalBusiness JSON-LD type didn't inherit all of the properties from Place that it should
  • Fixed an issue with seomatic.helper.getLocalizedUrls not working as expected for routes other than the current request
  • Fixed an issue where plugin-generated custom sitemap URLs didn't have their lastmod respected for the sitemap index
  • Fixed an issue accessing metaBundleSettings in the Field when it doesn't exist

Link 3.1.35 · 2018.12.03

changed - 2018.12.03

  • Fixed an issue where the potentialAction JSON-LD for the Site Links Search was rendered even if it was left empty
  • Fixed an issue where the SEO Settings field did not properly override the mainEntityOfPage

Link 3.1.34 · 2018.11.28

added - 2018.11.28

  • Added a level 2 cache on the controller-based API requests for meta containers to improve "headless" performance
  • Added support for LinkedIn Insight analytics in Tracking Scripts
  • Added support for HubSpot analytics in Tracking Scripts
  • Display the status of tracking scripts in the listing section
  • Allow editing of the tracking scripts body scripts

changed - 2018.11.28

  • Added the Open Graph tag og:site_name
  • Removed craftcms/vue-asset composer dependency
  • Call App::maxPowerCaptain() whenever a queue is manually run (both via web and console request)

Link 3.1.33 · 2018.11.22

changed - 2018.11.22

  • Fixed an issue with socialTransform() throwing a Twig exception

Link 3.1.32 · 2018.11.19

added - 2018.11.19

  • Added <title> prefixes for the Control Panel and devMode Control Panel
  • Allow social media images to be either .jpg or .png formats

Link 3.1.31 · 2018.11.18

added - 2018.11.18

  • Added a console command ./craft seomatic/sitemap/generate to generate sitemaps via the CLI
  • Added the SEOmatic->Plugin setting Regenerate Sitemaps Automatically to control the automatic regenerate of sitemaps

changed - 2018.11.18

  • Fix division by zero error if no sections exist
  • Dynamically base the Twitter transform type from the current evaluated type, rather than hardcoding it

Link 3.1.30 · 2018.11.13

added - 2018.11.13

  • Added support for the ads.txt Authorized Digital Sellers standard

changed - 2018.11.13

  • Clear FastCGI Caches upon sitemap generation
  • If runQueueAutomatically is true return the generated sitemap immediately via http request
  • Adjusted Control Panel dashboard charts
  • Fixed an issue where the Content SEO settings would display sections that are not enabled for a given site

Link 3.1.29 · 2018.11.11

changed - 2018.11.11

  • Added the ability to show SEO Settings fields in the Element Index's Table Columns
  • Redid the Dashboard graphs to be more useful and modern looking
  • Modernized package.json and webpack build
  • Confetti on install (yay!)

Link 3.1.28 · 2018.11.07

changed - 2018.11.07

  • Remove __home__ from preview URIs
  • Fixed a regression that caused the SEO Settings field to not override things like Facebook/Twitter images properly
  • Fixed an issue that caused the SEO Settings field to not display tabs properly if the General tab was hidden

Link 3.1.27 · 2018.11.07

changed - 2018.11.07

  • Fixed an issue where sitemaps generated in the Control Panel did not have the proper cache duration set, so they were always invalidated
  • Disabled tracking scripts from sending Page View data during Live Preview
  • Ensure background image values are quoted for the SEO previews
  • If runQueueAutomatically is set, start running the queue job to generate the sitemap immediately

Link 3.1.26 · 2018.11.05

changed - 2018.11.05

  • Don't regenerate the sitemaps when elements are being re-saved enmasse via Section resaving
  • Fixed JavaScript console error due to outdated assets build

Link 3.1.25 · 2018.11.05

added - 2018.11.05

  • Moved sitemap generation to a queue job, to allow for very large sitemaps to be generated without timing out

changed - 2018.11.05

  • Normalize the incoming URI to account for __home__

Link 3.1.24 · 2018.11.02

added - 2018.11.02

  • Added the ability to control the depth that sitemaps should be generated for Categories (just like already existed for Structures)
  • Added EVENT_INCLUDE_CONTAINER event to manipulate containers
  • Always create sitemap URLs from the given site, since they have to have the same origin
  • Added labels to the Google, Twitter, and Facebook previews

changed - 2018.11.02

  • Fix rendering for MetaLink and MetaTag with multiple tags when requesting them via Controller
  • Fixed an issue where SEO Settings fields would override the Sitemap settings even if that was disabled
  • Fixed an issue with the SEO Settings field when switching between Entry Types
  • Pass down the $uri and $siteId to addDynamicMetaToContainers() to addMetaLinkHrefLang()
  • Fix rendering of canonical and home links from Controllers
  • Fixed an issue with there Dashboard charts could be out of sync if sections were deleted/renamed
  • Use the default transform mechanism for SEO images
  • Only include the fields the user is allowed to edit in the SEO Settings overrides
  • Fixed an issue where Twitter images could be resized improperly based on the card type

Link 3.1.23 · 2018.10.15

changed - 2018.10.15

  • Returns the correct sitemap.xml for multi-site "sister site" groups
  • Cache frontend templates on a per-site basis
  • Make sure that humans.txt links are full URLs
  • Handle the case where all Same As URLs are deleted
  • Fixed an issue where hreflang tags were still added even with the setting was disabled, but only for paginated entries
  • Changed the default title length to 70 and the default description length to 155
  • Fixed an issue where nested JSON-LD objects would contain erroneous key and include properties

Link 3.1.22 · 2018.09.25

changed - 2018.09.25

  • Fixed an issue where choosing All for sitemap Structure Depth resulted in it displaying nothing
  • Fixed an issue with the SiteLinks Search Box not having the correct format in query-input
  • Fixed an issue where Craft could sometimes hang if we asked for an image transform with generateNow = true

Link 3.1.21 · 2018.09.18

added - 2018.09.18

  • Added the .clearCache property to all meta containers, allowing them to be manually cleared via Twig
  • Don't include any dynamic metadata for response codes >= 400

changed - 2018.09.18

  • SEOmatic will now automatically take the dataLayer property into account for the script container's cache key
  • Better document titles for SEOmatic Control Panel pages
  • Remove vestigial Redirects classes
  • Don't check the response statusCode for console requests

Link 3.1.20 · 2018.09.12

added - 2018.09.12

  • Added memoization cache to the FieldHelper class to help improve inner loop performance
  • Add the ability to control structure depth for sitemaps

changed - 2018.09.12

  • For requests with a status code of >= 400, use one cache key

Link 3.1.19 · 2018.09.04

changed - 2018.09.04

  • Changed the Composer dependency for davechild/textstatistics to lock it down to 1.0.2 Semver?

Link · 2018.08.30

changed - 2018.08.30

  • Fixed an undefined index error

Link 3.1.18 · 2018.08.30

added - 2018.08.30

  • Added the Site Groups define logically separate sites Plugin Setting to allow for different Site Group use-cases

changed - 2018.08.30

  • Removed potential duplicates from og:locale:alternate
  • Don't include alternate or og:locale:alternate tags for Content SEO sections that have Sitemaps disabled
  • Handle disabled sections for sites in Content SEO better

Link 3.1.17 · 2018.08.29

changed - 2018.08.29

  • Fixed an error trying to access a property of a non-object in MetaContainers.php
  • Prevent classname conflict with older versions of PHP
  • Fix an issue where transform modes didn't work with Custom Image sources
  • Scale the logo to fit to 600x60 as per Google specs

Link 3.1.16 · 2018.08.23

changed - 2018.08.23

  • Handle elements that don't exist on other sites better
  • Don't include hreflang in sitemaps for sites where it has been disabled, whether through Content SEO or SEO Settings field settings
  • Hide Transform Image and Transform Type in the SEO Settings field if they aren't enabled
  • Fixed a conflicting use \craft\helpers\Json import

Link 3.1.15 · 2018.08.16

changed - 2018.08.16

  • Fixed an issue where sitemap caches were not getting properly cleared
  • Fixed an issue where elements disabled in a site were showing up in the hreflang
  • Fixed namespaces and custom sitemap event triggering

Link 3.1.14 · 2018.08.14

added - 2018.08.14

  • Added in the ability to override sitemap settings on a per-Entry/Category Group/Product basis
  • Implement Json::decode() to avoid large integers being converted to floats
  • If the SEO Settings field for an entry has Robots set to none or has sitemaps disabled, it isn't included in the hreflang
  • Added a setting to control whether hreflang tags are automatically added

changed - 2018.08.14

  • Ensure that the sitemap index cache gets invalidated when entries are modified
  • Specify rel="noopener" for external links.
  • Fix the order that the field migration happens to let the mapping magic happen
  • SEOmatic now requires Craft CMS 3.0.20 or later
  • Fixed an issue with paginated pages that have no results on them

Link · 2018.08.07

changed - 2018.08.07

  • Fixed a potential undefined index error with pull fields, resulting from the new cropping modes

Link 3.1.13 · 2018.08.07

added - 2018.08.07

  • Added the ability to choose between Crop (the default), Fit, or Stretch for the SEO, Twitter, and Facebook image transforms

changed - 2018.08.07

  • Brought back the missing ** Transform Facebook OpenGraph Image** field
  • Don't do anything with pagination on console requests

Link 3.1.12 · 2018.08.06

changed - 2018.08.06

  • Make the base Container class extend FluentModel so that containers can be accessed via templates just like MetaTags are
  • Ensure that we check to see if a container's include property is set before rendering it
  • Use a unique cache key for everything for the request, including the pagination and URI
  • Prep script containers for inclusion in includeScriptBodyHtml()

Link 3.1.11 · 2018.08.05

changed - 2018.08.05

  • Fixed a regression that caused an error loading entries

Link 3.1.10 · 2018.08.05

changed - 2018.08.05

  • Cleaned up how the pagination cache key works
  • Add the current request path into the mix for the meta container cache key
  • Force social media values to be displayed as strings

Link 3.1.9 · 2018.08.04

changed - 2018.08.04

  • Fixed an issue where SEOmatic wouldn't find Entry metadata if the entry was first saved as a Draft, then published
  • Include the pagination page in the cache key to ensure paginated pages are uniquely cached

Link 3.1.8 · 2018.08.03

changed - 2018.08.03

  • Fixed a regression that caused you to be unable to save Custom URL for an image source in the Control Panel

Link 3.1.7 · 2018.08.02

changed - 2018.08.02

  • Fixed an issue where Content SEO permissions were not respected properly in the Control Panel
  • Display the Tracking Scripts status in the Control Panel regardless of devMode setting

added - 2018.08.02

  • Don't render a canonical url for http status codes >= 400
  • Set meta robots tag to none for http status codes >= 400

secu­ri­ty - 2018.08.02

  • Decode HTML entities, then strip tags in safeCanonicalUrl()

Link 3.1.6 · 2018.07.25

changed - 2018.07.25

  • Really ensure that paginated pages are cached separately in the second-level cache

Link 3.1.5 · 2018.07.24

changed - 2018.07.24

  • No longer include any matched element in the Content SEO previews (which can be confusing if there are SEO Settings field overrides)
  • Ensure that paginated pages are cached separately in the second-level cache
  • Fixed an issue where changes to the SEO Image would not propagate to the Facebook/Twitter image when changed if "Same as SEO Image" was set

Link 3.1.4 · 2018.07.23 [CRITICAL]

secu­ri­ty - 2018.07.23 [CRITICAL]

  • Changed the way requests that don't match any elements generate the canonicalUrl, to avoid potentially executing injected Twig code

Link 3.1.3 · 2018.07.20

added - 2018.07.20

  • Added Additional Sitemap URLs to Site Settings -> Miscellaneous for custom sitemap URLs
  • Added EVENT_REGISTER_SITEMAP_URLS event so plugins can register custom sitemap URLs
  • Added the Referrer-Policy header based on the value of the referrer tag
  • Added the ability to control whether any http response headers are added by SEOmatic
  • Added the Facebook OpenGraph tags og:image:width & og:image:height
  • Added the Twitter card tags twitter:image:width & twitter:image:height

changed - 2018.07.20

  • Clear SEOmatic caches after saving the plugin settings
  • Fixed an issue where boolean settings in meta containers that were set to false would not override as expected

Link 3.1.2 · 2018.07.17

changed - 2018.07.17

  • Fixed an issue with the language being set to en_US instead of en-US in getLocalizedUrls()

Link 3.1.1 · 2018.07.14

changed - 2018.07.14

  • Fix parsing logic error in MetaValue
  • Fixed an issue where the SiteLinks Search Box wouldn't work because it errantly parsed the setting as Twig
  • Better title for pull field dropdown menus
  • Fix potential preview issues in Content SEO for certain multi-site setups

Link 3.1.0 · 2018.07.11

added - 2018.07.11

  • Added full support for Craft Commerce 2
  • Added a caching layer to includeMetaContainers() for improved performance
  • Added more fine-grained profiling data
  • Re-organized how event handlers are loaded to allow for compatibility with Fallback Site plugin

changed - 2018.07.11

  • Canonical URLs are now always lower-cased, and made absolute
  • Fixed an issue where the SiteLinks Search Box wouldn't work because it errantly parsed the setting as Twig
  • Allow for default empty settings for the SEO Settings field for things like the Twitter Card type, etc.
  • Added a warning to let people know tracking scripts are disabled when devMode is on
  • Fixed an issue with JSON-LD dropping certain properties if non-default types were selected

Link 3.0.25 · 2018.07.03

changed - 2018.07.03

  • Strip tags from the incoming for the canonicalUrl
  • Fixed the breadcrumbs link on the Plugin Settings page
  • Fixed an issue where users without admin privileges could not save the SEOmatic Plugin Settings
  • Fixed an issue where category groups would be lumped together in the sitemap
  • Fixed an issue with og:locale and og:locale:alternate being improperly formatted

Link 3.0.24 · 2018.06.25

added - 2018.06.25

  • Allow the use of Emoji in the plugin settings, such as for the devMode title prefix

changed - 2018.06.25

  • Set the default devMode title prefix to 🚧
  • Sync section / category group handles that are renamed
  • Don't log meta item error messages unless devMode is on
  • Don’t encode preview URLs
  • Fixed an issue where disabling a section’s URLs was not sync properly with the Content SEO settings

Link 3.0.23 · 2018.06.18

added - 2018.06.18

  • Added support for emojis in any of the SEOmatic fields

changed - 2018.06.18

  • Fixed an issue introduced in Craft CMS 3.0.10 that would cause JSON-LD to be not fully rendered
  • Allow nothing (--) to be selected as a Source Field in the Image/Video Sitemap fields
  • Added cache busting to the SEO preview images so that they will always display the latest image
  • Fixed an issue where removing an SEO Image from an SEO Settings field would cause it to persist

Link 3.0.22 · 2018.06.12

changed - 2018.06.12

  • Remove default value for devMode Prefix that prevented it from saving an empty value
  • Fix default values for Title position, Twitter Title position, and OG Title position
  • Allow for the setting of the dataLayer via Twig for Google Tag Manager
  • Added pagination support via seomatic.helper.paginate() to properly set the paginated canonicalUrl as well as the <link rel='prev'> and <link rel='next'> tags
  • Preserve the pagination trigger query string for the <link rel='hreflang'> tags

Link 3.0.21 · 2018.06.01

changed - 2018.06.01

  • Fixed ContactPoint rendering
  • Fixed an issue where an array of one JSON-LD would not render
  • Make JSON-LD URLs fully qualified

Link 3.0.20 · 2018.05.31

changed - 2018.05.31

  • Make sure twitter:creator and twitter:site are not resolve as aliases
  • Fixed an issue where syncBundleWithConfig could return null
  • Preserve the FrontendTemplate settings during meta bundle updates

Link 3.0.19 · 2018.05.21

changed - 2018.05.21

  • Ensure that the previews are not double-encoded
  • Remove vestigial meta bundles from the sitemap index

Link 3.0.18 · 2018.05.20

changed - 2018.05.20

  • Fixed an issue where the JSON-LD types weren’t correct
  • Sync bundle when Global SEO, Content SEO, and Site Settings are changed
  • Ensure that the first character of each meta item key is lower-cased
  • Render JSON-LD properties that have an @id set

Link 3.0.17 · 2018.05.19

changed - 2018.05.19

  • Make the various seomatic.helper functions more tolerant about having null passed in as a parameter

Link 3.0.16 · 2018.05.18

changed - 2018.05.18

  • Fixed a regression that the rel="alternate" link tags to not render properly
  • Fixed a regression where the Site Settings would throw an exception

Link 3.0.15 · 2018.05.17

changed - 2018.05.17

  • Fixed a regression that caused per-environment settings to be applied in the Control Panel
  • Fixed an issue that caused to not return null if no matching item was found

Link 3.0.14 · 2018.05.17

changed - 2018.05.17

  • Ensure that any image or video URLs in the sitemap are full absolute URLs
  • Fixed multiple issues with the gtag.js script that prevented it from working properly
  • HTML-encode all URLs and user-enterable data in the sitemaps and sitemap indexes
  • Fixed an issue where the meta items are not indexed properly, causing you to be unable to get them from the Twig API
  • Fixed an issue where meta items that should have been excluded by environment were not

Link 3.0.13 · 2018.05.15

changed - 2018.05.15

  • Fixed an issue where the gtag body script did not properly render
  • Fixed an issue where empty results for pull fields would not fall back on the parent (usually global) settings
  • Fixed an issue where seomatic.helper.loadMetadataForUri() might not replace the container metadata properly

Link 3.0.12 · 2018.05.10

changed - 2018.05.10

  • Switch from .one() syntax to [0] to account for eager loading of transformed social media images
  • Fixed an issue where SEOmatic incorrectly showed how many categories were in a category group on the Content SEO page
  • Fixed an issue where Content SEO social images wouldn't fall back on the global images if they were set to "Same as SEO Image" and the SEO Image was empty
  • Fixed a typo in the SEO Settings field settings
  • SEOmatic no longer renders the rel="author" tag if you have humans.txt disabled

added - 2018.05.10

  • Added translations for the SEO Settings Field options

Link 3.0.11 · 2018.05.03

changed - 2018.05.03

  • Removed 'interlace' => 'line' from the social media transforms, which inexplicably caused Focal Points to not be used
  • Fixed an issue where the JSON-LD would not fully render due to a regression

Link 3.0.10 · 2018.05.02

changed - 2018.05.02

  • Fixed incorrect social media permissions that prevented access to that settings page
  • Fixed an issue where section meta bundles would be improperly marked as field due to a regression in the migration importing code
  • Fixed an issue where categoryGroup meta bundles would be improperly marked as field due to a regression in the migration importing code
  • Removed OpenGraph tag dependency on facebookProfileId or facebookAppId being present
  • Fixed Pinterest verification tag dependency
  • Bumped the schemaVersion

added - 2018.05.02

  • Added a migration to remove any errant seomatic_metabundles rows that have sourceBundleType set to field

Link 3.0.9 · 2018.05.01

changed - 2018.05.01

  • Fixed an issue when migrating data from Craft 2.x Seomatic_Meta fields and an Asset was set to "Custom"

Link 3.0.8 · 2018.04.30

changed - 2018.04.30

  • Removed excessive validation that was causing SEOmatic Fields to not save properly

Link 3.0.7 · 2018.04.30

changed - 2018.04.30

  • Fixed a regression that caused SEOmatic to not import data from old Craft 2.x Seomatic_Meta fields properly

Link 3.0.6 · 2018.04.30

changed - 2018.04.30

  • Fixed a regression that caused the Section meta bundles to be the wrong type

Link 3.0.5 · 2018.04.27

changed - 2018.04.27

  • Better instructions for the Canonical URL
  • Updated translations
  • Use correct sourceBundleType for Field meta bundles
  • Fixed a regression that caused Content SEO sections to not save properly

Link 3.0.4 · 2018.04.26

changed - 2018.04.26

  • Don't display Sections / Category Groups in Content SEO that no longer have public URLs
  • Fixed an issue with console requests
  • Fixed an issue where Sections and Category groups with the same handle didn't work right in Content SEO
  • More validation on the data passed into the SEO Settings field as a config array

Link 3.0.3 · 2018.04.25

changed - 2018.04.25

  • Fixed an issue where re-using the same Field handle from other Field types would cause an exception to be thrown in the Control Panel
  • Improved the way SEOmatic matches the current element
  • Bypass the data cache entirely in the Control Panel, to avoid refresh issues
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the correct data is not what is previewed in the Control Panel
  • Fixed an issue where the canonicalUrl seemed immutable on the Global SEO pages

Link 3.0.2 · 2018.04.24

added - 2018.04.24

  • og:image tags are now validated to ensure they are fully qualified URLs
  • og:image tags now are converted to absolute URLs (to handle protocol-less URLs)
  • twitter:image tags are now validated to ensure they are fully qualified URLs
  • twitter:image tags now are converted to absolute URLs (to handle protocol-less URLs)
  • Added missing translations

changed - 2018.04.24

  • Fixed an issue where Tracking Scripts permissions weren't all propertly presented

Link 3.0.1 · 2018.04.20

changed - 2018.04.20

  • Fixed an issue with sitemap indexes for elements that have null URLs
  • Fixed an issue with permissions and the Tracking Scripts page

Link 3.0.0 · 2018.04.17

added - 2018.04.17

  • Official GA release

Link 3.0.0-beta.24 · 2018.04.17

changed - 2018.04.17

  • Fixed a regression that caused the Site switcher to no longer work in the SEOmatic settings
  • Fixed a regression that could cause the sitemap index to include the appropriate sections

Link 3.0.0-beta.23 · 2018.04.16

changed - 2018.04.16

  • Fixed an issue where the social transforms sometimes might not render properly
  • SEOmatic now requires Craft CMS 3.0.2 or later (so we can listen to TemplateCaches::EVENT_AFTER_DELETE_CACHES)
  • Handle Section or Category Groups that may have had their handles renamed

added - 2018.04.16

  • SEOmatic now clears its caches any time TemplateCaches::EVENT_AFTER_DELETE_CACHES is triggered
  • If the FastcgiCacheBust plugins is installed, clear its caches when SEOmatic clears its own caches

Link 3.0.0-beta.22 · 2018.04.12

added - 2018.04.12

  • Added performance profiling to major bottlenecks
  • Lots of code cleanup courtesy of the PHP Inspections plugin

changed - 2018.04.12

    Link 3.0.0-beta.21 · 2018.04.06

    added - 2018.04.06

    • Don't display the Facebook/Twitter not set in the sidebar preview, only on the Settings pages
    • Added an Seomatic_Meta Field to more gracefully handle sites upgraded from Craft 2.x that used the old FieldType
    • If you add an SEO Settings field to a Section that has an old Craft 2.x Seomatic Meta field in it, it will automatically migrate the data and settings to the new field for you
    • SEOmatic will automatically map your old Craft 2.x Field settings to corresponding Content SEO settings

    changed - 2018.04.06

    • Better Dashboard display of SEO setup graphs
    • Fixed an issue with an improperly named Site / Social Media permission
    • Fixed an issue with the helper functions not gracefully handling null being passed in
    • Fixed validation errors that could cause you to be unable to save changes to various SEOmatic settings

    Link 3.0.0-beta.20 · 2018.04.02

    changed - 2018.04.02

    • Added additional fields for the mainEntityOfPage JSON-LD
    • Clicking on Settings on from the Control Panel now redirects to the appropriate SEOmatic sub-nav

    added - 2018.04.02

    • Added an SEO Settings Field that allows you to override SEO settings on a per-entry basis
    • Added a link for the Main Entity of Page type you have specified
    • Added seomatic.helper.truncate and seomatic.helper.truncateOnWord helper functions for truncating text

    Link 3.0.0-beta.19 · 2018.03.28

    changed - 2018.03.28

    • Fixed an issue where you could not disable humans.txt or robots.txt
    • Fixed an issue where the computedType wasn't saved properly for Global and Content SEO
    • Fixed an issue with JSON-LD generated for content containers not cascading as intended

    added - 2018.03.28

    • Added the ability to globally disable sitemap rendering

    Link 3.0.0-beta.18 · 2018.03.26

    changed - 2018.03.26

    • Preserve Site Identity and Site Creator settings across bundle updates

    Link 3.0.0-beta.17 · 2018.03.26

    changed - 2018.03.26

    • Check against siteType, siteSubType and siteSpecificType being null on the Site Settings pages
    • Updated humans.txt template to display information from the Creator settings
    • Separate Identity and Creator Entity Brand fields
    • Remove JSON-LD properties that have just one entry in them (just the @type)
    • Fixed an issue where hreflangs could be incorrect

    added - 2018.03.26

    • Documented the Identity and Creator Site Settings variables
    • Added menu and acceptsReservations to the FoodEstablishment JSON-LD
    • Added link rel=“home” to the default tag container
    • Added seomatic.helper.getLocalizedUrls() function that will return a list of localized URLs
    • Added sameAs social media URLs to the Identity JSON-LD
    • Added og:locale:alternate Facebook OpenGraph tags

    Link 3.0.0-beta.16 · 2018.03.25

    changed - 2018.03.25

    • Fixed an issue where fresh installations were not taken to the Welcome screen
    • Replaced old SEOmatic icon in the Asset Bundle
    • Fixed an issue where Identity and Creator settings were not properly defaulted from the config files on fresh installations
    • Better parsing of the JSON-LD config files

    added - 2018.03.25

    • Added Miscellaneous settings with Google Site Links search settings
    • Preserve user settings in the Tracking Scripts when bundles are updated
    • Fleshed out the JSON-LD for mainEntityOfPage, identity, and creator

    Link 3.0.0-beta.15 · 2018.03.24

    changed - 2018.03.24

    • Separated the mainEntityOfPage templates off into a partial
    • Cleaned up the Identity Settings & Creator Settings pages

    added - 2018.03.24

    • Added a description of JSON-LD Structured Data to the Identity & Creator pages
    • Added Main Entity of Page settings on the Global SEO and Content SEO General pages

    Link 3.0.0-beta.14 · 2018.03.23

    changed - 2018.03.23

    • Fixed an issue with console requests raising an exception in addDynamicMetaToContainers()
    • Add errors display to all settings templates

    added - 2018.03.23

    • Implemented dynamic Identity Settings & Creator Settings pages

    Link 3.0.0-beta.13 · 2018.03.22

    changed - 2018.03.22

    • Don't look for getPathInfo() during a console request
    • Fixed an issue switching between sites on the Tracking scripts settings
    • Revise how seoFileLink() works
    • Handle eager loaded elements in TextHelper

    Link 3.0.0-beta.12 · 2018.03.20

    added - 2018.03.20

    • Added colored status indicators on the Content SEO index page that match the colors in the donut chart on the Dashboard
    • Added seomatic.helper.seoFileLink() to allow setting the X-Robots-Tag and Link headers on static files as per Advanced rel="canonical" HTTP Headers
    • Added a Link header for the canonical URL

    changed - 2018.03.20

    • Don't display SEO previews if the Section has no URLs

    Link 3.0.0-beta.11 · 2018.03.19

    changed - 2018.03.19

    • Refactored the meta bundle update process to preserve user configured meta bundle settings
    • Throw a 404 if a sitemap is hit but sitemaps have been disabled for that section
    • Exclude section sitemaps from the sitemap index if sitemaps have been disabled for that section

    Link 3.0.0-beta.10 · 2018.03.18

    changed - 2018.03.18

    • Reverted incorrect bundle merging

    Link 3.0.0-beta.9 · 2018.03.18

    added - 2018.03.18

    • Added Schema helper class & controller in preparation for dynamic schema types displayed in the Control Panel

    changed - 2018.03.18

    • Fixed incorrect moz-transform vendor prefix that caused the sidebar SEO preview to look weird in FireFox
    • Fixed a nasty bug that could cause improper merging of config arrays, resulting in an ever-growing column size in the db

    Link 3.0.0-beta.8 · 2018.03.16

    changed - 2018.03.16

    • Fixed per-environment rendering of attributes
    • Made meta bundle updating non-destructive to existing data

    Link 3.0.0-beta.7 · 2018.03.16

    added - 2018.03.16

    • Added a "Same as Global Site Name Position" setting as the default for the Site Name Position Content SEO settings

    changed - 2018.03.16

    • Fixed an issue where the last breadcrumb on the Content SEO edit-content page was a 404
    • Fixed a caching issue that could result in stale data if you used seomatic.helper.loadMetadataForUri()
    • Don't automatically generate thumbnails for videos in the sitemap
    • Changed the Dashboard charts over to gauge charts

    Link 3.0.0-beta.6 · 2018.03.15

    added - 2018.03.15

    • Check whether the seomatic_metabundles table exists before installing any even listeners

    Link 3.0.0-beta.5 · 2018.03.15

    changed - 2018.03.15

    • Fixed an issue where the caching didn't work properly for multi-sites

    Link 3.0.0-beta.4 · 2018.03.14

    added - 2018.03.14

    • Added a validation rule for genericAddressCountry so it saves
    • Added a validation rules for renderEnabled, separatorChar, displayAnalysisSidebar and displayPreviewSidebar so you can save the plugin settings.
    • Added initial Dashboard

    changed - 2018.03.14

    • Don't install event listeners until after all plugins have loaded, to ensure db migrations have been run

    Link 3.0.0-beta.3 · 2018.03.14

    added - 2018.03.14

    • Added a migration for older Craft 2.x sites that had SEOmatic installed already, so that SEOmatic for Craft 3 can install its base tables

    changed - 2018.03.14

    • Fixed an issue with an incorrect redirect destination after saving a Tracking Scripts setting in the Control Panel
    • Optimized the images used in the documentation

    Link 3.0.0-beta.2 · 2018.03.13

    changed - 2018.03.13

    • Fixed issues with : void on PHP 7.0.x

    Link 3.0.0-beta.1 · 2018.03.13

    added - 2018.03.13

    • Initial beta release