Transcode video or audio to any file format

Transcode video & audio files to var­i­ous for­mats, and pro­vide video thumbnails

Transcoder video file

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The Transcoder plu­g­in allows you to transcode any video or ani­mat­ed gif (local or remote) to any size, bitrate, fram­er­ate, and save it out as a web-ready video in a vari­ety of file formats.

It can also transcode audio files to any bitrate & sam­ple rate, to a vari­ety of file for­mats. It can even extract audio tracks from video files.

Transcoder also allows you to get a thumb­nail of a video in any size and at any time­code, and can extract infor­ma­tion about audio/​video files such.

Transcoder audio file
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Transcoder also auto­mat­i­cal­ly adds video thumb­nails in the Assets index in the Con­trol Pan­el so you can iden­ti­fy the videos more easily

Final­ly, it lets you down­load an arbi­trary file (such as the transcod­ed video) via a spe­cial down­load link.

If the source file has changed since the last time the video/​audio was transcod­ed, it will re-encode the file and replace it.