SEOmatic Overview

SEOmatic facilitates modern SEO best practices & implementation for Craft CMS 3. It is a turnkey SEO system that is comprehensive, powerful, and flexible.

SEOmatic allows you to quickly get a site up and running with a robust, comprehensive SEO strategy. It is also implemented in a Craft-y way, in that it is also flexible and customizable.

It implements JSON-LD microdata, Twitter Cards tags, Facebook OpenGraph tags, Sitemaps of your content, Robots.txt bot directives, Humans.txt authorship accreditation, and as well as HTML meta tags.

SEOmatic populates your templates with SEO Meta in the same way that Craft populates your templates with entry variables, with a similar level of freedom and flexibility in terms of how you use them.

SEOmatic works automatically with Craft Commerce 2 as well, providing metadata, JSON-LD structured data, and sitemaps for your Products.

SEOmatic also caches each unique SEO Meta request so that your site performance is minimally impacted by the rich SEO Meta tags provided.

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